July 2016 Updates

July has been a busy month, added a page allowing visitors to search for aircraft by Registration. The plan is to build on this at some point with full search functionality for aircraft type etc…

Also added a Random Photo widget to the sidebar. It is a bit flaky at the moment and will occasionally show a broken image (to be fixed).

I also added a few more header images for your viewing pleasure. Most of these were taken by Ronnie Robertson.

63 new helicopter photos for the database and exactly 100 new plane photos for July. Too many to show here so I have just summarised who took the photos.



May 2016 Updates

May has been a busy month for updates.

  • Lots of new aircraft have been added.  Too many to list here.
  • I have added PDF downloads to the Crash Log pages where available.
  • Updated a lot on the back-end.
  • Working on a Registration search form for the website.

We now have 655 members on the Sumburgh Airport Archives Facebook group.

As at the end of May we have 417 photos of Airplanes and 192 photos of Helicopters.


Amazing how many man hours is needed to do something so simple. I have shifted the database from a remotely hosted one to a locally hosted one for future-proofing and more scope for customisation further down the track.

I have added a “Photographer” section, listing all photographers and their respective photos that are featured on here.

I have also been adding the C/N and ICAO24 identifiers to all aircraft in the database (bloody hell that took a bit of time!).

Added a little to the Notable Events and Crash Log entries.  Still a lot of work to be done there…

Then I had a beer.


Dellin' intae da past