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Alidair/Inter City Airlines
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Alidair QA CIT ALIDA 14

Alidair operated from January 1972 to March 1981 when, after a name change, they became the short-lived Inter City Airlines, lasting only until August 1983.

North Sea operations began in 1975 for Alidair with two Viscounts based at Aberdeen chartered to Burmah Oil and Total.

On March 11th 1976, the Viscount G-ARGR sustained propeller damage on landing at Sumburgh.  There were no injuries.

During 1979 Alidair Viscounts carried 67,300 people between Shetland and Aberdeen.

After the collapse of Inter City Airlines in 1983, British Air Ferries (BAF) took over the oil contract.

Currently 6 photographs of planes operated by Alidair.
Photo Reg Manufacturer Model Operator Photographer
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G-ARGR Vickers Viscount Alidair Phil Kemp
G-ARBY Vickers Viscount Alidair Phil Kemp
G-BFYZ Vickers Viscount Alidair John Birnie
G-ARIR Vickers Viscount Alidair Alistair Stenton
G-BFMW Vickers Viscount Alidair Alistair Stenton
G-BDRC Vickers Viscount Alidair Ian Nelson

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